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Shukr: 7 Tips for Making Dua


Sometimes, we feel stranded, all alone; every worldly means of support or help fails. A sense of dismay hovers around us and no means of survival are left to rely on.

But there is one door that never closes: the door of Allah. A heartfelt plea to Almighty Allah, who is a great rescuer will take you out of any difficult situation, no matter how impossible it may seem.

And your Lord declares, “Call upon Me, and I will answer you. . . (Quran 40:60)

Allah Almighty says He will listen to your pleas and show you the most righteous path, leading to success in this world and hereafter. The biggest prestige of being a Muslim is easy access to Dua. 

That said, making dua is not the same as just asking someone for a favor. You should make dua with a certain necessary attitude. That’s where we come in. In this blog, we will guide you on the right way to make dua. 

Follow these 7 tips for making a dua to increase its acceptance chances.

  1. Believe in the Power of Dua

Take a scenario where you are in debt and are unable to repay. You’ll most likely ask your friends and family for help. If, for instance, you get no savior from your acquaintance, you will eventually turn to Allah for help.

There is no wrong in doing that but the point here is that you took prayer as a last resort, not your top priority. So before you even make dua, acknowledge its power. Don’t pray with hopelessness and dismay.  

Believe in the power of dua and keep faith that your prayers are being heard. Trust when Allah says “KunFayakun” because when he wills something, it happens.

  1. Make Dua at Strategic Times

Allah is always listening to you. 

“No dizziness nor sleep can overtake Him (2: 255)”.

He is always there to answer your pleas. However, there are some particular times of the day when Allah gets closer to you and accepts your prayers. Such as

 in the third chapter of the night (tahajjud), Allah comes closer to earth and asks, “Is there anyone who wants to make dua? I am here to listen”. This is a time when most of the people are sleeping and you feel closer to Allah. Use this precious time to discuss your pain with Allah and ask for relief.

After keeping yourself from eating the whole day, when you make dua for breaking fast, this is the best time to submit your supplications.

The period between Athaan and when the prayer is performed in a mosque is also a sacred opportunity to make dua and get accepted.

When you complete the book of enlightenment (Al-Quran), prey to Allah and ask for mercy.

  1. Realize the depth of Allah’s Mercy.

No matter your sufferings, Allah is most kind and merciful. He knows what you are suffering from but wants you to ask Him for help. Your creator listens to your supplications and rewards you with the best.

Whether you pray in silence or with words, He hears you. So vent out all your worries in front of your creator, make dua, and wait for the magic to happen.

The dua gifted HazratZakariyya (AS) with a son despite his age and wife’s sterility. It’s the power of trust and hopes in dua that Hazrat Hajra got life-giving water (Zam Zam) in a desert. All those who witnessed the miracles of their dua were the ones who sincerely expressed their emotions while making supplication.

So you also have to believe in the mercy of Allah and put emotions into your supplications to increase their chances of acceptance.

  1. Be Persistent in Make Dua

One major mistake we make is praying for a few days, and we stop making dua if seemingly they are not accepted. When you want something, you must be persistent in asking for it. 

Dua is not a magical potion that starts showing effects in a matter of seconds.Sometimes, Allah (SWT) wants to see how intense your prayers can be. Other times, He wants to test your patients.

Nothing, according to the Prophet, is more honorable in the eyes of Allah (the Most High) than supplication (Tirmidhi)

 So whether you are asking for something common or nearly impossible, turn to Allah humbly and keep praying even if you think your prayers are not being answered. You may find it when you least expect it.

  1. Appreciate Ibtilaa

Ibtilaa (distress, misfortune) is a big blessing of Allah. It is a time when Allah allows you to get closer to Him. It’s when you witness your creator’s companionship and strengthen your faith.Prayer is the most rewarding worship and it gets more powerful when you are in anguish. 

Take difficult situations, bad experiences, and misfortune as a test from Allah and face them without weakening your faith. It is said that the dua of a victim is never rejected. Sotake advantage of these difficult times and take a step closer to Allah with strong conviction and determination.

  1. Be careful in Making Dua

You are human; your insight and knowledge are limited. Al-Aleem (The All-Knowing) has infinite knowledge to show you the righteous path.

Allah says in Quran;

Fighting is compulsory for believers, even if you dislike it. Maybe you do not like something that is good for you and like something that is not good for you. Allah knows what you do not know. ( 2:216)

So do not be very specific with your dua. Don’t say I want it at any cost. Your limited knowledge may force you to be specific with your dua, but Allah is protecting you and rewarding you with something best in your interest.

  1. Believe that All Dua’ is Accepted

Don’t think your dua is rejected if your problem is not getting solved even after persistent supplication. Dua is never left unanswered, so don’t believe in this myth.

The fact is that dua is a form of worship. Even if it is not directly addressing your concerns, there is a virtue and reward for you. When you make dua, Allah responds to it in one of three ways;

  1. Your dua is accepted and grant it in this life.
  2. Your dua is reserved for the greater good in the afterlife (Akhira)
  3. Allah uses your dua to protect you from evil or grant you something of equivalent significance.

Final Words

Allah (SWT) loves His creature and grants them the best of both worlds. He likes when you call Him for help in your bad times to put you out of your misery. All the supplications you seek with humility, persistence, hope, and trust in Allah are accepted to bring you closer to success, if not in this world, then in the never-ending world of Akhira.

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